At CPAC, Breitbart Unleashes Sexist, Dehumanizing Invective at CodePink and Progressives

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Listening to a speech by Andrew Breitbart, impresario of the right-wing "Big" media enterprise, is like that spirit day in high school when everybody wears their clothes backwards or inside-out. Today, Breitbart treated the Conservative Political Action Conference to one of those kind of speeches, in which an alternate reality in which the right is portrayed as peaceful, gentle people, and the left is characterized as racist thugs.

Psychologists call it "projection" -- a propensity to project onto others one's own most unappealing traits. Breitbart probably thought that only the hefty chunk of the speech he devoted to his own general awesomeness -- especially his prowess on roller blades -- was about him. But, really, the whole thing was.

Most of Breitbart's speech was devoted to the January 30 progressive protest of the right-wing gathering sponsored by the foundations of billionaires Charles and David Koch, the oil magnates who fund the astroturf groups that organize the Tea Party movement, as well as legions of climate-change deniers. Breitbart painted the Koch brothers as honorable capitalists and beneficent philanthropists demonized by progressives in search of a "counter-narrative" to the right's "exposure" of George Soros, the billionaire who funds numerous progressive causes.

In truth, the right's attack on Soros has become a frantic barrage since progressive media outlets began exposing the role of the Kochs in advancing the thuggery of right-wing activists at the August 2009 congressional town-hall meetings. So far, the right's attack on Soros, as advanced by Koch water-carrier Glenn Beck, exists largely of a falsification of Soros' personal story of surviving the holocaust, dressed up in language drawn from Mein Kampf.

In Breitbart's version of the progressive protest, he appears as a heroic figure on roller blades standing, occupying a "DMZ" between riot police and rowdy protesters whom he described as "intimidating." Most interesting, perhaps, was how Breitbart's remarks demonstrated the degree to which the women of CODE PINK have gotten under his skin. Another of his heroic exploits, as he described them, was a protest he says he staged outside the home of CodePink co-founder Jodie Evans during a fundraiser she hosted for California Gov. Jerry Brown during the election campaign.

The women of CodePink, Breitbart said, are "tedious at this point, and boring."

"They're not even good-looking anymore," Breitbart complained. "It used to be like they were kind of slutty lefties who I could imagine at a party," he said, waving his hands in such a way as to lead one to wonder just what he was imagining himself doing at the same hypothetical party. "They're getting long in the tooth," said the paunchy entrepreneur.

Breitbart portrayed the slogan, "No justice, no peace," as a violent threat, and said of the progressives gathered outside the Koch event, "They're not American; they're animals." The crowd erupted in applause.

Last night at CPAC, keynote speaker Gov. Mitch Daniels, R-Ind., said that the left was much better at being nasty than the right. And everybody in attendance likely believed him.
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AlterNet / By Adele M. Stan

Posted at February 12, 2011, 6:55am

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