GOP's Major Anti-Choice Move: Effectively Ending All Insurance Coverage for Abortion

If thought that the complete battery of anti-choice provisions was over and we're in for an entrenched fight, you're wrong. The GOP is continuing to add heinous anti-choice provisions to the ever-morphing H.R. 3 bill. This time, it's a provision that would effectively end all abortion coverage for women in this country. By ending subsidies for companies that provide abortion insurance, they would effectively mandate a tax hikefor those companies. 

It's a horrifying prospect because it would effectively rewrite the private insurance landscape. As TPM's Brian Beutler reports:

Ultimately, the impact of tax like the one in the Republican legislation would likely be to phase out abortion coverage in the private insurance market. This would upend the long-standing bipartisan consensus, which does not enshrine the idea that the government should exert pressure on private entities to deny medical services they don't like. And -- speaking of bipartisan consensus -- it would run directly counter to the politically expedient conclusion by both parties that people should be able to keep the health care they already have.

 Read the TPM story here.

It's disturbing indeed, and this provision--which would survive even if the "let women die" and "forcible rape" controversies died, may find its way to the President's desk. Given how he caved on several other abortion "compromises" during the health care reform debate, we don't know for certain whether we'd get a veto.

Blogger Mike Stark attended a progressive press conference to denounce that bill and expressed concern that when push came to shove, even die-hard abortion-rights advocates in congress would leave women in the lurch. "Abortion supporters are hopeful, but nobody is saying with any degree of certitude that HR3 will die in the Senate," he wrote.

Read his post, which also includes moving testimony from a woman who underwent an abortion, here.

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at February 9, 2011, 5:50am

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