Montanta Legislator Introduces Bill to Create Armed Paramilitary Groups

Montana state Rep. Wendy Warburton (R) has introduced legislation that would create an "armed paramilitary group of volunteers" in her home state called "home guards." So, this would be state-sanctioned, anti-government militias, that the state would have to pay for. Oh the irony! The Billings Gazette reports:

The "home guard" would not be subject to federal oversight and a company would only be recognized if certified by the governor. Creating the paramilitary groups would cost the state about $45,000 per year for the first few years, and the state would be required to pay for damaged equipment used by the groups during active duty.

Makes perfect sense, right? As Tonya Somanader details:

There's no questioning what Warburton hopes to create. As the Huffington Post's Nick Wing notes, Warburton originally called these groups "organized militias," only later amending it to less fraught term "home guards." And, as the state's Human Right Network notes, there's no question who will gravitate to these unregulated groups -- "anti-government extremists."

According to a Southern Poverty Law Center report, previously dwindling "Patriot" groups -- "militias that see the federal government as part of a plot to impose 'one-world government' on liberty-loving Americans" -- have come "roaring back" under Obama's presidency. Since he took office, there has been a 250 percent rise in 'patriot' groups. Extremists have attended Obama speeches bearing arms and even murdered six law enforcement officers. And if the state taps anyone like Arizona militiaman and radical anti-immigrant activist Bill Davis to pick the militia's ranks, these home guards will pass over gun-toting "wannabes" and "Rambos" in favor of actual combat veterans with "kill records."

Let's hope this bill makes it absolutely nowhere and fast.

AlterNet / By Tara Lohan

Posted at February 7, 2011, 10:56am

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