Fox News: Cable News Show for Pictures of Half-Naked Women, Sexism and Sleaze

Right-wing conspiracy theories and shamelessly skewed "reporting" are not the only weapons in Fox News' arsenal for riling up angry old white people. There's also really obnoxious sexism, from the gratuitous display of half-naked women, to the constant appraisal of women politicians' looks, to non-stop sexist jokes, mostly of the wildly original "women-in-the-kitchen" variety. Media Mattershas put together a video showing recent examples ofFox personalities making sexist comments about women and generally acting like jackasses. (VIDEO BELOW)

The Media Mattersreportthat goes with the video also points out that the sexism on-screen parallels a culture of disrespect for women at News Corp., resulting in numerous sexual harassment and discrimination claims. In a lawsuit filed last September, the EOCC claimed that homeland security correspondent Catherine Herridge was pushed to sign a contract promising that she would not make complaints about discrimination ... after she alleged discrimination. When she refused to sign away her right to equal treatment, she was turned into an "at will" employee without the protections accorded to regular staff.

In 2006 News Corp. had to pay a $225,000 in a suit arising in part from allegations that Fox News Vice President Joe Chillemi used obscene language to describe women and admitted that he privileged male hires, saying "of course I'd pick the man. The woman would most likely get pregnant and leave." And, there is, of course, the bloodchillingly disgusting Bill O'Reilly "loofah" incident, in which a former Fox Producer claimed the Fox host tried to force her into various sexual scenarios. Those are just a few of the incidences highlighted in the Media Matters report.

AlterNet / By Tana Ganeva

Posted at February 3, 2011, 10:55am

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