Is There a John Boehner Sex Scandal Brewing?

The blog Stark Reports claims that on Thursday the National Enquirer will run an article alleging that Republican House Speaker John Boehner has been sleeping with a lobbyist for the printing industry. From Stark Reports:

The New York Times passed on the story (if there ever was one; Page 6 of the New York Post isn’t known as the beginning and end of truth), but evidently Boehner hasn’t been successful in making the story go away. I was recently contacted by a reporter from the National Enquirer, and now I have confirmation that their story will hit the newsstands on Thursday.

Wonder how well Boehner’s zero-tolerance pledge regarding corruption will hold up when it comes out that several hundred paper-making jobs were lost in his district and he refused to do anything about it at the same time he was sleeping with a lobbyist for the printing industry that was very happy to get their cheap paper from China.

There's not enough information yet to know if the story is likely to pan out. The National Enquirer is not the most trustworthy source, obviously, though their scoop on John Edwards' affair was roundly dismissed ... until it turned out to be totally true.

Between his well-known proclivity for lobbyists, and his name's likeness to an erect penis, is there a lawmaker more tailor made for this sex scandal than John Boehner?

AlterNet / By Tana Ganeva

Posted at February 1, 2011, 12:11pm

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