As Utah Gun Nuts Absurdly Push "State Gun" Measure, Obama Pressured to Address Gun Control

Apparently, a bill to create an officical "state gun" of Utah cannot be deterred or stalled by the recent controversy around the horrible tragedy in Tuscon, even though it clearly should be.

Instead, says a prominent supporter of the bill, quite absurdly, firearms sure have taken a public image beating and this bill would rehabilitate their tarnished image. 

It's almost too absurd to believe. Watch  Clark Aposhian from the Utah Shooting Sports Council look ridiculous below and read the full story at TPMuckracker.

Meanwhile, President Obama comes under increasing pressure to say something about the issue of gun control, to make a public statement one way or another. He has remained relatively silent on the controversial issue--a morally compelling but politically thorny one given the outsize strength of the gun lobby and the upcoming 2012 elections.

But the group of mayors for gun control spearheaded by New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is not only pushing for the president to speak out, but running undercover stings to expose loopholes in how guns can be bought without background checks. They may not make a huge dent yet, but are proving to be at least some sort of counterweight to the behemoth that is the NRA.

Read the full story at NPR.

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at February 1, 2011, 4:31am

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