WATCH: Hilarious Song Parody of Ohio Gov's All-White Cabinet

H/t: Writes Like She Talks

Ohio Gov. John Kasich doesn't think he has a problem, and chances are the Tea Party folks who love him don't think he does either. But a whole lot of Ohioans have a different view, ever since Kasich, a Republican, announced his appointment of an all-white cabinet in a state that is ethnically diverse, and with an African American population whose percentage mirrors that of the nation (just above 12 percent). Kasich's cabinet is also light on women; he's given only five of some 22 cabinet positions to women.

So when, as Think Progress reported on Friday, State Sen. Nina Turner, an African American Democrat, offered Kasich the assistance of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus in finding qualified candidates of color, Kasich, Turner said, told her, "I don't need your people."

Now Subodh Chandra, a former candidate for state attorney general, has served up a musical interpretation of Kasich's internal dialogue in the form of "I've Never Met a Black Man," a song parody set to the melody of Three Dog Night's "I've Never Been to Spain." Major hat tip to Ohio's own Jill Zimon of  Writes Like She Talks, for bringing our attention to the video. If you're not reading Zimon, you're missing some lively blogging.


Credits:Chandra co-authored the lyrics with his law-firm colleague, Don Screen; melody appropriated from Hoyt Axton's "Never Been to Spain." Musicians include Tom Warren, Doug McWilliams, K.J. Montgomery, Jim Robenalt, and Randy Solomon, who are also rumored to be attorneys.

AlterNet / By Adele M. Stan

Posted at January 31, 2011, 4:12am

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