Crazed Birthers At It Again in Arizona Congress

The birthers are back, and they're in Arizona State Congress. (Where else?) Apparently spurred on by the disproved/crazy belief that Barack Obama is not a US citizen (and therefore ineligible to serve as President), Arizona Representative Judy Burges has introduced a bill that would require all presidential candidates show proof of citizenship -- indeed, a birth certificate -- before they could be included on the bill in that state. Spiritual kin to Arizona's 'show your papers' clause in their probably unconstitutional SB 1070, the bill would require that 'both the candidate and the national political party committee... submit and swear to the documents prescribed.'

The greatest ridiculousness: the bill is likely to pass. In the Senate, it needs only 16 votes, and 16 state Senators co-sponsored it. In the house,25 representatives co-sponsored it, and it would need 31 to pass. Once again, we find ourselves saying Really, Arizona? Really?

Representative Kyrsten Sinema is one person who's not likely to support it, at least. She called the bill "ridiculous and offensive," and said that Obama has "clearly met the standards to run for president and hold office as president because the federal government installed him as president in January of last year. The question has been asked and answered."

Ladies and gentlemen of Arizona, your tax dollars.

AlterNet / By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Posted at January 26, 2011, 5:51am

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