Fancy Hollywood Types, Facebook Founders Give Rahm Emanuel Over $11 Million in Campaign Cash

Rahm Emanuel's back on the ballot for the Chicago mayoral race, and as it's been known, he won't be hurting for dough -- the former White House staffer raked in over $11.8 million in the final months of 2010, besting his main competitor Gery Chico by more than a whopping $9 million, Forbes reports. But where did his health coffers come from? That's where it gets interesting.

Rahm's donations roster, published late last week, reads like a who's who of glammy businesspeople. Trumped up by pals of his brother Ari -- you know, the fancy Hollywood agent who inspired Jeremy Piven's Entourage character -- Rahm's list of supporters includes 14 billionaires, Steve Jobs, tinseltown power-movers Steven Spielberg, Aaron Sorkin and David Geffen and, you know, Donald Trump. In other words -- a lot of people who totally do not live in Chicago!

The person who unleashed the most funds on Emanuel's campaign was TV billionaire Haim Saban, who forked over $500,000 from money he made off hawking popular “Power Rangers” cartoons to kids. But Rahm's got a friend in Facebook, too -- co-founder Sean Parker dropped $100,000, while COO Sheryl Sandberg donated $25,000.

It's interesting to note that the amount Haim Saban donated trumps the entire campaign coffer of the mayoral race's third-in-line, former US Senator Carol Moseley Braun, who is working with a mere $450,000.

Forbes went through Emanuel's lengthy list with a fine-toothed comb and picked out the richest and most high-profile of the donors -- check it out here.

AlterNet / By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Posted at January 26, 2011, 4:29am

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