Very Conservative Americans Reject Political Compromise Far More than Other Groups

I don't know whether this is a fault, or in the context of our deeply divided polity and "big tent" parties, a strength.


A majority of very conservative Americans believe political leaders in Washington should stick to their beliefs even if little is accomplished, while all other groups, particularly moderates and liberals, are more amenable to compromise for the sake of getting things done.

More Important for Political Leaders to Stick to Beliefs or Compromise? By Ideology

The obvious problem with these results is that the White House and Senate -- and until very recently, the House -- are all in Democratic hands. So "compromise" means something different for the far right than for everyone else -- it means accepting Death Panels and socialism and creeping Sharia.

(It's worth noting that in a 1996 poll conducted when the GOP controlled both chambers of Congress and Bill Clinton was in the White House, a majority of Republicans, 52-44, favored compromise, while the numbers for Democrats were virtually the same as today (note: that poll broke down the results by party ID, rather than ideology).)


AlterNet / By Joshua Holland

Posted at January 14, 2011, 11:33am

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