Wingnuts Outraged that Pollster Would Ask Whether Violence Against Gov Is Ever Justified

I see at National Review Daniel Foster is pissed because CBS asked people in a "stupid poll" the question, "Do you think it is ever justified for citizens to take violent action against the government, or is it never justified?" Most of the respondents were true sheeple, eschewing violent action under any circumstances, with Republicans marginally more likely to take to the hills with their shootin' ahrns than Democrats.

"So I guess I’d be among that 28 percent" who would rebel, bravely asserts Foster, brandishing a dinner roll. "But then, so would Hobbes, and Edmund Burke for that matter." He knows not what course others may take, but thinks the weak sisters in the poll haven't thought the question through:

But what does surprise me is that 76 percent of respondents, including 64 percent of Republicans, think it is never right to take up arms against the government. Ever.

What about if the government canceled the next election and started seizing first-born; or arbitrarily disappearing whole classes of citizenry; or summarily abolished private property and confiscated all our belongings at the tip of a bayonet? Not even then?

Har. But the question, however awkwardly phrased, is relevant because a lot of people currently do believe the government, under the Muslim pretender Obama, will cancel the next election, seize their first-born, etc. Rather than call out specific cases of such like among the gomers and gun-nuts who now comprise the GOP base, I could just put a link to my whole blog, but for now I'll content myself with the Insurrectionist Timelineand stuff like this:

Mitch McConnell Accuses Obama Of Plan To Seize Internet

..."Today, the Obama administration, which has already nationalized health care, the auto industry, insurance companies, banks and student loans, will move forward with what could be the first step in controlling how Americans use the Internet by establishing federal regulations on its use," said McConnell.

This kind of crap goes on all the time, in both the high and the low registers of the outrage apparatus. I expect when CBS revisits their question in a few months -- after the Giffords situation has cooled down, and Obama has committed some fresh outrage, like further weakening America by extending unemployment benefits or something -- the shooty-shooty numbers will be higher. 

Foster's complaint and the ones that are sure to follow once the central committee gets the memo around are part of a whole How Dare They movement to delegitimize even the mildest notice (aka the "blood libel") that the Republican Party has gone plain nuts. I'm reminded of Frank Booth, all ethered up and hissing "Don't you fucking look at me!"


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Posted at January 14, 2011, 11:21am

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