10 Awesome Things MLK Said That You Won't Hear This Weekend

Right-wingers, after attacking, mocking and marginalizing Martin Luther King Jr. during his lifetime, and then assassinating him, have posthumously adopted him as one of their own.

It seems like most conservatives have memorized a single statement MLK made in his long and celebrated history of compelling oratory: "Judge a person not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their heart," which they interpret as a call to abolish affirmative action programs, or to stop calling out people who make racist comments or something like that. 

See this hilarious cartoon by Tom Tomorrow. Or this, from ABC News:

At an event commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. Thursday, the general counsel of the Pentagon – Jeh Johnson – said that if King were alive today he would support the war in Afghanistan.

The remarks, reported by American Forces Press Service, are an unusual claim considering King’s lifetime commitment of fighting against what King referred to in his 1964 Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech,  the “three larger problems which grow out of man's ethical infantilism: …racial injustice, poverty, and war.”

In reality, Martin Luther king said many inspiring things. Check out this video if you need proof, or even if you don't: 

AlterNet / By Joshua Holland

Posted at January 14, 2011, 10:59am

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