Anti-Choice Pharmacist Refused Drugs to Bleeding Woman

A woman walked into a Walgreens pharmacy in November in Idaho, suffering bleeding that could have arisen from either childbirth an abortion or miscarriage and desperate for pills to make the bleeding stop.

Instead of filling out the legal prescription for the potentially life-saving pills, she called up and harangued the prescribing nurse practitioner at Planned Parenthood to demand if the woman had had an abortion, a clear violation of HIPAA privacy laws. Furthermore, when the nurse asked for a referral to another pharmacy, the pharmacist hung up on her.

Fortunately, the woman turned out okay. But she is filing suit, which is why the information has just been made public. This incident shows the absurd end to which "conscience clauses" can be taken, and the fact that many "pro-lifers" are generally more interested in punishing women than in saving life.

As Robin Marty, who reported the story for Care2, wrote:

...refusing a drug that stops bleeding?  The abortion has already happened.  The "murder" has already taken place.  And by not allowing the patient to have medicine to control her bleeding afterward, and refusing to transfer the prescription so it could be filled in a timely manner, that pharmacist was not only not "saving a life" but could have caused the death of a woman in the process.

Read the full story.

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at January 14, 2011, 4:34am

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