New House GOP Leadership Drops 'Organic' from Name of Horticulture and Organic Sub-Committee

Frequent AlterNet contributor Jill Richardson wrote on her blog that the Horticulture and Organic Sub-Committee in the House has now been officially dubbed the Horticulture and Nutrition Subcommittee instead.

Yes, it's likely a sign of the times. (And not a good sign at that.)

As Tom Laskawy writes for Grist:

Upon taking power, the Republican leadership has installed arch-conservative and possible birther Rep. Jean Schmidt (Ohio) as chair of that subcommittee, expanded its purview to include nutrition programs and food stamps, and dropped the word Organic entirely from the subcommittee name ...

You can argue that the old subcommittee system itself de-emphasized nutrition by making it one of a dozen priorities of another subcommittee (although you can also argue, as many have, that it makes no real sense to have the Agriculture Committee oversee nutrition policy in the first place, as it leads to large conflicts of interest). Still, this latest move from Republicans may in fact be a fairly effective attack on organic ag. Congress uses names of committees to announce priorities, so it would be a mistake to ignore such a bold move.

Big Ag is clearly firmly entrenched here. No surprises of course, just disappointment.

AlterNet / By Tara Lohan

Posted at January 10, 2011, 9:09am

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