Irony Alert! Judith Miller Calls Juilan Assange a 'Bad Journalist'

Is it too early in the year to hand out an award for 'pot calling the kettle black'? Disgraced former New York Times reporter Judith Miller, who now goes by 'Judy' and shills for Fox News, recently called Julian Assange a "bad journalist."

Why? "Because he didn't care at all about attempting to verfiy the information that he was putting out or determine whether or not it would hurt anyone," she said. (Check out the clip at Crooks and Liars.)

This would be laughable coming from Miller if her lack of journalistic integrity hadn't been so catastrophic for the people of Iraq and all the U.S. servicemembers and allies who fought to save us from Saddam's imaginary weapons of mass destruction.

So what does Miller think a journalist should do? Crooks & Liars reminds us of what Miller herself said in trying to defend her miserable reporting that paved the way for our invasion of Iraq:

"[M]y job isn't to assess the government's information and be an independent intelligence analyst myself. My job is to tell readers of The New York Times what the government thought about Iraq's arsenal." Some have criticized this position, believing that a crucial function of a journalist is independently to assess information, to question sources, and to analyze information before reporting it.

I guess Miller's had a change of heart since then.

AlterNet / By Tara Lohan

Posted at January 3, 2011, 10:20am

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