WATCH: John Boehner Rejects the Word "Compromise," Complains Obama Disrespected Him

Last night, 60 Minutes aired an interview with incoming Speaker of the House John Boehner in which he backed up what we already knew about him: he rejects the notion of compromise. Here's his back-and-forth with interviewer Lesley Stahl:

Boehner: We have to govern. That's what we were elected to do.

Stahl: But governing means compromising.

Boehner: It means working together.

Stahl: It also means compromising.

Boehner: It means finding common ground.

Stahl: Okay, is that compromising?

Boehner: I made it clear I am not gonna compromise on my principles, nor am I gonna compromise...

Stahl: What are you saying?

Boehner: ...the will of the American people.

Stahl: You're saying, "I want common ground, but I'm not gonna compromise." I don't understand that. I really don't.

Boehner: When you say the word "compromise," a lot of Americans look up and go, "Uh-oh, they're gonna sell me out." And so finding common ground, I think, makes more sense.

When Stahl noted that Boehner seemed "afraid of the word" compromise, he replied, "I reject the word."

Amid bouts of crying, Boehner also whined that President Obama had been disrespectful to him. Reports Raw Story:

“Excuse me, Mr. President, I thought the election was over,” John Boehner (R-OH) told CBS's 60 Minutes. “You know, you get a lot of that heated rhetoric during an election. But now it's time to govern.”

"I've got thick skin," he added. "And a lot of words get said here in Washington. You just have to let 'em run off your back. The president was having a tough day."

Yet Boehner, the current GOP minority leader, told ... Stahl later that President Obama had disrespected him personally.

And god bless 60 Minutes -- without it, we'd never know the real story behind Boehner's skin tone (via Talking Points Memo):

Boehner, who has been ribbed by President Barack Obama for what some call his orange skin tone, claimed his skin color is all natural.

"I've never been in a tanning salon in my life, I've never used a tanning product in my life," Boehner said. His wife said he's had dark skin since she's known him.

AlterNet / By Lauren Kelley

Posted at December 13, 2010, 3:15am

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