Young People Lead Spirited Protests Around Country for DREAM Act

 The DREAM act, a crucialpiece of legislation which provides a path to legal residency for young children brought to the US who stay and complete college or military service, is one of Harry Reid's major legislative goals this term.

Although it faces a rocky road, thousands upon thousands of students are stepping out on behalf of their peers to support the legislation-- from border states in the south all the way up to Massachusetts, from serious hunger strikes that have led to arrests to young high school students rallyingon their school steps

Meanwhile, the New York Times has a poignant editorialin favor of the bill, expressing eloquent admiration for the young people, many undocumented, who have stepped forward for its support:

"They have marched hundreds of miles, fasted for days, staged sit-ins and held bittersweet mock graduations. In letters and phone calls, on Twitter and Facebook, the Dream activists have told their stories to whoever will listen, firmly confronting those who won’t."

This is a common-sense piece of legislation--drafted in a bipartisan manner- that honors young people who are literally fulfilling the American dream by serving others and bettering themselves. It would be a complete tragedy if Republican stalling keeps it from passing.

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at November 30, 2010, 6:04am

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