Watch: Incoming Senator's Insane Logic on Tax Cuts and Jobless Benefits

The day before over 2.5 million Americans stand to lose their unemployment benefits, yet another Senator-Elect proves that the Republican Party doesn't care about us. In an interview on Fox, Mark Kirk, the Illinois Republican that got Obama's seat, spewed ridiculous logic on jobless benefits and fat-cat tax cuts, saying unemployment insurance is “misguided,” while we must relieve the wealthy of their profound tax burden “no matter what.”


This is, of course, the same man who wants to outsource Congressional budget-balancing, but when actual lives are at stake, it's hard not to take his labyrinthine rhetoric seriously. As Think Progress notes, his thinking represents the Republican party line, and if tax cuts are extended, we're going to sink even deeper into the quicksand:

Kirk actually claimed that extending benefits — which costs $60 billion for one year, or $12.5 billion for a three-month extension — would lead to a Irish-style debt crisis, while glossing over the $4 trillion cost of extending the Bush tax cuts for a decade ($830 billion of which goes to only the richest two percent of Americans). Even MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough saw through Kirk’s double-talk, asking, “if [the tax cuts] are not paid for though, do we not risk going the way, as you said, of Greece and Ireland?”

As the New York Times editorial board wrote, “opponents would have you believe that the nation cannot afford to keep paying unemployment benefits: a yearlong extension would cost about $60 billion. The truth is, we cannot afford not to…Without jobs, there is inadequate spending, and that means ever fewer jobs. A wide range of private and government studies show that unemployment benefits combat that vicious cycle by ensuring that families can buy the basics.”

There are currently five unemployed people for every available job in the United States. Read more at the New York Times.

AlterNet / By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Posted at November 29, 2010, 5:49am

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