Palin Offers Weak, Factually Incorrect Defense of Willow's Homophobic Facebook Rant

Hmm. When your daughter calls someone a truly offensive sluron a public forum, perhaps it's better not to blame your persecutors (or is that prosecutors, Ms. Palin) in the media and just get the kid to apologize? Not so for Sarah Palin, of course. Queerty has the lowdown on her non-apology for her daughter's rancid behavior.

I mean, look at the other day. Willow, finally, my 16 year old, she had had it up to here with somebody saying very, very hateful things about the family and saying mean things about her little brother Trig, and Willow finally responded and she used a bad word when she responded in defense of her family. And her response became national news, even hard news copy it turned into, so that’s ridiculous and I had to explain to her, 'Willow, there is no justice here but you have to just zip your lip and let’s move forward.'

Palin was actually completely wrong surrounding the circumstancesof her daughter's use of the "bad word" (To quote the faceboook post: "Your such a f*got. Haha your so gay" [sic]) Willow's Facebook response was simply a retort to a classmate who was rather generically mocking her mother's reality show--no slurs against  the family or any of its offspring were involved in precipitating her online retaliation.

It might have been nice if Palin had said anything regarding the hateful context of her daughter's "bad word."

Meanwhile, no one has even mentioned her appalling grammar. Everyone knows that "you're" not  "your" is the proper spelling for the contraction of "you" and "are." 

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at November 29, 2010, 4:32am

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