GOP Rep Promises to Hold Middle Class Tax Cuts Hostage–Unless the Rich Get a Permanent Break

The Republican rich-people bias isn't exactly a shocker, but finally someone's had the gall to spell it out. In a speech to the pro-business Tax Council, House Rep. David Camp said that the Dem's middle-class tax extensions–permanent breaks for those earning $200,000 or less, with temporary extensions on the wealthy–would be blocked during the lame-duck session unless the rich get the same permanent extensions. Wait–he's demanding the rich get equal treatment as the middle class? That's awesome, there are some foreclosure proceedings I'd like to talk to him about. Camp called the bill "a terrible idea and a total nonstarter," noting that the Republicans "would be foolish to fall for it."

But what does that mean? As TPM points out:

Republicans have been clear for months that their long term goal is to make sure all of these rates are extended permanently. But that means they don't want to have a fight in two or three years in which they side with the wealthiest two percent of the country against the Democrats. That's a losing fight, and terrible politics.

But they can't really come out and say that. If you ask a Republican member about this "decoupling" idea, the most common response you'll get is that it's a recipe for future tax increases. The implication is clear -- but good luck getting a more candid explanation.

One thing Camp is explicit about–his intentions as the incoming chairman of the tax-legislating Ways and Means Committee. In lieu of taxing the rich in a beleaguered, top-heavy economy, he'd rather slash Social Security, Medicare and other government-funded programs that, on the most basic level, help keep Americans alive. What a guy.



AlterNet / By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Posted at November 17, 2010, 4:42am

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