Jewish Leaders Take Beck to Task for Creepy Soros Accusation: Scurrilous, Grotesque, Monstrous

Media Matters has been extensively documenting Glenn Beck's mounting fixation on left-wing financier George Soros, a fixation which has been rife with old-school anti-semitic tropes. As if taking a cue from the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" Beck has called Soros a "puppetmaster" who uses Obama as his "pawn" and controls everything--the media, the "Left," the international economy.

It was all pretty icky for a guy who'd already been scolded by Jewish groups for his insane over-reliance on Nazi and Holocaust metaphors for nearly every political hobbyhorse he's ridden.

But then he crossed a major line on his radio show when he implied that Soros, a Holocaust survivor who was hidden by his parents at age 13, was somehow complicit in the genocide.

Even the right-leaning Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation league (who was hidden in a similar manner to Soros during the Holocaust) weighed in, saying Beck's accusation was "horrific. It's totally off limits and over the top.”

More reactions, via the Jewish Week:

Elan Steinberg, vice president of the The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants: “monstrous; you don't make such accusations without proof, and I have seen no such proof.” Beck's words “go to the heart of the instrumentalization and trivialization of the Holocaust."

Interfaith Alliance President Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy: Beck's “use of the Holocaust to discredit George Soros is beyond repugnant."

Simon Greer, president of the Jewish Funds for Justice:"No one who truly understands 'the sensitivity and sacred nature' of the Holocaust would deliberately and grotesquely mis-characterize the experience of a 13 year old Jew in Nazi-occupied Hungary"

Looks like Beck isn't going to have such an easy time with this particular line of attack. Hopefully the ease with which the FOX host plays political games with the Holocaust will help further discredit him as a pundit.

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at November 11, 2010, 6:58am

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