GOP Finance Plans Will Slaughter Education and Environment, Experts Say

The GOP is drawing up its economic plan as the party gears to fill up a majority house, but even before any legislation is introduced, the budget proposal's profound flaws are already on the table. In their so-called “Pledge to America,” Republicans detail their wishes to cut health care, keep tax cuts, gut environmental regulations and cease the government spending that many economists say is tantamount to job growth. And with the Pentagon, veteran spending and the department of homeland security totally off the table in their plan to cut spending, education funds are likely to get the shaft. Meanwhile, under the GOP's proposed plan, the economy is likely to get worse.

"I don't get what they think they're doing to stimulate the economy right now," said Bill Gale, senior fellow in economics studies at the Brookings Institution. "I can understand that people are angry or upset about the economy. But I can't understand how that anger and anxiety has turned into this set of legislative proposals."

The GOP's plans are expected to include recissions that will erase 20 percent of the budget from domestic agencies, plus $160 billion in additional cuts chosen by people on the internet, courtesy Eric Cantor's “YouCut” website. It's like American Idol, but it's our government! And the whales are getting voted off the program.

Speaking of which... as the climate change-deniers pack their bags for Washington, they've got their eye on curbing regulations on corporations--you know, people like BP--by requiring congressional approval for any new law that would cost the private sector more than $100 million a year. If that works out for them, environmental protection is vulnerable--three dozen Democrats who supported the 2009 Clean Energy act werevoted out this election.

Read more at the Washington Post and CJR.

AlterNet / By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Posted at November 6, 2010, 6:22am

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