Pelosi Ponders Next Move, Says Election "Was No Ringing Endorsement of Republicans"

UPDATE: Pelosi has announced via twitter that she's running for the position of Minority Leader.

With a few congressional races left undecided, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is left deciding whether she'll stay on, retire, or fight another day as House Minority Leader for a Democratic Caucus that largely loves her. Here's what she told the Huffington Post's Sam Stein about talking to her colleagues in the House about their, and her, futures after the "sad day" of election results on Tuesday:

"I've gotten a positive response [from members of the House]. Of course, the ones you will hear from are the ones who want you to run ... Everything is very positive in what they say, complimentary about how I've kept the caucus together, complimentary about the fact that we won in the first place [in 2006] and increased our numbers [in 2008] and that we have to come right back in that regard.

But I'll be very honest with you, it hasn't been something I've -- maybe tonight when I get home and after everybody goes to sleep and start reading the memos and calling people if it's not too late -- or at least I can call the west coast, then I'll have more of an appraisal of it."

Contemplative and cautious about her own decision she may seem, but Pelosi's feisty spirit is obviously not gone. She also told Stein that she rejects the media and Right-wing messaging around the election results. She said the simple reality was that unemployment was too high, and people were angry:

"The election was no ringing endorsement of Republicans...We do not accept their version of what this election means. It's not about rejecting what President Obama has done. It didn't go fast enough to create jobs. That's what it's about."

With an attitude like that, Pelosi's sure to have many Dems cheering to see her fight another round.

Read the entire interview at Huffington Post. And here's Salon on "the case for Pelosi sticking around."

Update, 1pm EST: is running a phone-in campaign to get Pelosi to stay in office and keep fighting for liberal values. "Pelosi is deciding right now whether to stay on as the leader of the Democratic Caucus, and she needs to hear from the millions of progressives who want her to stay. Can you call her office and tell her that you're counting on her to lead the Democrats in the new Congress? " the organization wrote in an email to members, urging them to call Pelosi's office or write on her Facebook wall.

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at November 5, 2010, 3:43am

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