Activist Pranksters Hang Fake Shell Billboard in Houston: "You Can't Run Your SUV on 'Cute'"

The Greenpeace/Yes Men campaign targeting Shell over its Arctic drilling efforts has already been in the news a bunch this week. Though it was launched last month, the groups' website has been fooling a whole new crop of visitors (including some journalists) with an ad contest that appears to be a Shell promotion gone terribly, hilariously wrong. (Submissions include "Some say catastrophe, we say opportunity" and "Because you can't afford to visit pristine wilderness anyway.") The new wave of attention has been bolstered by a new Twitter account that appears to be run (poorly) by the Shell media team, but is in fact, you guessed it, another Greenpeace/Yes Men prank.

Now, the groups have upped the ante, hanging an actual billboard in Houston. Check it out:


The "Shell Media Team" response: "@greenpeaceusa WHAT THE HELL YOU PRINTED THE FAKE #SHELL‬ AD ON A REAL BILLBOARD!?" As the kids say these days: LOL.

AlterNet / By Lauren Kelley

Posted at July 19, 2012, 5:19am

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