Reid On GOP MegaDonors: "Angry Old White Men," Maddow Says They Keep Americans From Donating

Everyone has an opinion on the GOP SuperPAC megadonors these days--and they should, since these guys (and right now they're mostly guys) are dominating the donating game.

As the congressional fight to get transparency on donations continues, these fellas can be credited for getting Harry Reid to make one of his nervier statements of late, via Politico:

"If this flood of outside money continues, the day after the election, 17 angry old white men will wake up and realize they've just bought the country," Reid said on the floor. "That's a sad commentary. About 60 percent or more of these outside groups' dollars are coming from these 17 people. These donors have something in common with their nominee. Like Mitt Romney, they believe they play by their own set of rules."

Meanwhile, Rachel Maddow ran a segment last night making the compelling point that even though "liberal fat cats" are now finally starting to pony up and give money to their own SuperPACs (though not as much as their opponents), the prevalence of both those new big donors and said angry old white men in the news is discouraging average Joes, whether they be Palin-loving plumbers or union members, from making the small contributions they once might have: "why would you drop your measly forty bucks ...into that sea of someone else's cash?" Just another casualty of the Citizens United era.

Watch below:

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AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at July 17, 2012, 6:31am

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