Actor Denis Leary Pillories Selfish Americans in Song: "Kiss My Ass"

You know how Americans are accused of being apathetic, glued to the couch and portable entertainment and uninterested in grave social issues, how we're supposed to be selfish consumers guzzling the world's energy without a shred of moral compunction?

Well, actor Denis Leary has a new video on FunnyorDie that embodies that attitude in three short words.

Watch below, lyrics very much NSFW:

Kiss My A$$ with Denis Leary from Denis Leary





Kiss my ass, cause I’m American
Don’t care if gas hit eleven bucks or more
I drive an SUV, that could fit 14 of me

Kiss my ass! Kiss my ass! Kiss my ass!

Oh this crazy world, this crazy world
It’s a ticking time bomb
Any day could be the last
And then I gotta see
All my new 3d TV
Kiss my ass! Kiss my big fat lazy ass!
Kiss my ass!

Tornadoes almost whipped out Alabama
Nuclear tsunami in Japan
I wonder if we’re heading for some kind of Armageddon
‘Cause I wanna watch it on the smart-phone in my hand
And Kiss my balls
(kiss his balls)
Cause I don’t give a shit
About war, about war or poverty
Yeah the world’s a fucking mess
And I could not care less
Cause I’ll be on my sofa playing wii

Kiss my ass!
Kiss my ass!
Well actually voting is a really important part of the democratic process
Cause if you don’t get out there and vote you know what haṗpens?
You don’t find out who the winner is on American Idol
So Kiss my ass!
Kiss his ass
Go ahead and bucker up
Go bucker up
Kiss my ass!
It’s like the Blarney Stone
And I know it smells like crap
And there’s no after that
Kiss my ass!
It’s a blast
Kiss it slow
Kiss it fast
Kiss my skinny, Irish, Emmy loosing ass
Kiss my big old ass

[Lyrics to Kiss My Ass performed by Denis Leary]

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AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at July 10, 2012, 3:43am

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