Mitch McConnell's Plans for a GOP Senate: Nothing

Mitch McConnell, Republicans' leader in the Senate, is a big critic of Obama and of pretty much any program that would help working-class people and possibly, just maybe, tax the rich a tiny bit more. But now he's made it pretty clear: if the GOP does take the Senate in 2012, their plan is essentially to let people keep suffering. 

Jonathan Bernstein at the Washington Post's Plum Line blog notes: 

talking to National Journal’s Chris Frates, made it clear that as far as he’s concerned there’s absolutely nothing that the government should be doing right now that’s any different from what he would want if the economy was booming. His agenda? Repealing health care reform (and not a word about replacement); cutting the deficit; and reducing regulation. He offered even less in his Sunday CNN appearance.


And it’s even worse than that. McConnell said in the National Journal interview that there’s nothing more important than the deficit, which is entirely responsible for (in his view) slow growth. But of course repealing the Affordable Care Act would increase the deficit, as would locking in the Bush tax cuts. And McConnell offered not one word, either to National Journal or to CNN, as to anything specific he would do to make up for those deficit-increasing measures he supports — let alone anything beyond that to actually lower the deficit.

I mean, it shouldn't surprise anyone that the Republicans don't have a plan--after all, without their stifling of job-creating measures and layoffs of public employees, unemployment would, in fact, be lower--but it's pretty amazing how blatant they're willing to be about it. Their plan is, quite simply, to undo anything that Obama did--and then continue the race to the bottom.

AlterNet / By Sarah Jaffe

Posted at July 9, 2012, 1:02pm

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