Creative Protest Action to Greet David Koch's Elite Fundraiser for Mitt Romney

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is filling up his campaign coffers with money from the ultra-rich--and activists aren’t going to let anybody forget it.

Dubbed a “Koch Party,” a protest is set for Sunday July 8 outside the Hamptons, New York estate of David Koch, the oil billionaire and funder of right-wing causes, where Koch and others will raise a boatload of money for Romney. The action, called by, Occupy Wall Street, Greenpeace and more, will see creative protest tactics to expose Romney as the candidate of the 1%.

In a statement, MoveOn’s Justin Ruben said: “Mitt Romney has a Koch problem: He’d lay off teachers and firefighters to fund even more tax privileges for billionaires like the Koch brothers.”

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MoveOn will also fly a 99airlines banner that reads “Romney has a Koch problem” and drive the Romneymobile Cadillac, with corporate decals on the side and Seamus the dog on top, outside Romney's exclusive $50,000-a-head dinner at the Koch estate at 880 Meadow Lane in South Hampton, NY.

Showing just how much he is running for President of the 1%, Romney's meal ticket is being punched by people paying more for one meal, $50,000 a person, than most Americans makes in a whole year...

Last month, MoveOn exposed Romney’s swing-state bus tour as an “Every Millionaire Counts” tour with a road show that took Romney to task for supporting policies that would be great for the wealthy but disastrous for the economy and the middle class.

Check out the invitation to the “party” here.

AlterNet / By Alex Kane

Posted at July 6, 2012, 7:09am

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