GOP Wonderboy Ditches Conservatism, Swings Left

In 2009, 13-year-old Jonathan Krohn’s passionate speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference launched his early career as the right-wing wonder boy.  A year later, 14-year-old Krohn wrote Defining Conservatism, and appeared in Time Magazine’s Time 100: Most Influential People in the World with the occupation of “Lil’ Limbaugh.”

Now 17, an apparently more mature Krohn announces he has denounced the GOP’s “ideological boxes,” to act more as an “individiual.” The reformed conservative now backs the Affordable Care Act and leans left on other social issues, like same-sex marriage.

He is no longer as fond of his speech as the conservatives who celebrated it.  “I think it was naive,” Krohn told Politico, “ It’s a 13-year-old kid saying stuff that he had heard for a long time,”

Krohn attributes his Southern upbringing to his early conservative views. “We’re inundated with conservative talk in Georgia,” he said.  To the contrary, “[maturing] overall,” coupled with exposure to German philosophers like Nietzsche and Kant, inspired his change of mind. Like many young liberals, his favorite TV shows are now The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, and his favorite magazine is The New Yorker.

Krohn told Politico:

One of the first things that changed was that I stopped being a social conservative.  It just didn’t seem right to me anymore. From there, it branched into other issues, everything from health care to economic issues.


I think I’ve changed a lot, and it’s not because I’ve become a liberal from being a conservative — it’s just that I thought about it more. The issues are so complex, you can’t just go with some ideological mantra for each substantive issue.

Yesterday, Breitbart columnist Ben Shapiro condemned Krohn’s departure from conservatism on Twitter.  But Krohn isn’t fazed, and looks forward, not at the past. “Come on, I was thirteen,” he said. “I was thirteen.”

Krohn will attend NYU to study philosophy and filmmaking, writing political satires occasionally.

AlterNet / By Angela Lee

Posted at July 3, 2012, 8:20am

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