Rachel Maddow: Mississippi Is About to Be the First State in the Country With Zero Abortion Clinics

In this segment from last night's Rachel Maddow Show, Maddow starts by mentioning the truly bizarro effort by Rand Paul to get a "personhood" amendment attached to a federal bill about flood insurance (srsly), and then launches into a discussion about how abortion is now effectively banned in Mississippi. That's right, although all Americans have the legal right to obtain an abortion under Roe v. Wade, in Mississippi that legal right does not matter -- because the state is now on the verge of closing its last remaining abortion clinic. It will now have the dubious distinction of being the only (first?) state in the country to have zero -- none! zilch! -- abortion clinics. No abortion clinics, no safe abortions.

Watch the segment below to hear how the last Mississippi clinic was shuttered. It's an outrageous story.

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AlterNet / By Lauren Kelley

Posted at June 30, 2012, 6:33am

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