Colbert to CNN and Fox: “You Suck at News!”

Last night, Stephen Colbert slammed cable news networks for ‘jumping the gun’ and incorrectly reporting that the Supreme Court struck down the Affordable Care Act as “unconstitutional.”

Moments after Justice Roberts started reading the Supreme Court decision, CNN and Fox News scrambled to announce that the individual mandate was struck down. A dumbfounded Colbert said, “Evidently, folks...there’s more to a Supreme Court ruling than the first page!”

Stuart Varney falsely reported to his Fox News viewers, “The individual healthcare mandate has. Been. Struck. Down.”

“No. It. Has. Not. You. Suck. At. News!” retorted Stephen Colbert.

A frustrated Colbert showed clips of the misinformed anchors at CNN and Fox reporting the story again, accurately this time.  Watch the full clip below.


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AlterNet / By Angela Lee

Posted at June 29, 2012, 10:43am