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Outrageous: Pro-Gun Company Markets Target with Virginia Tech Survivor's Image

The company that brought you 'ex-girlfriend' target now invites you to practice mowing down 'gun control lobbyists.'

Zombie Industries, the pro-gun company that brought you the bloody ex-girlfriend mannequin for target practice, has found a new highly offensive way to promote their wares. Gun enthusiasts can now enjoy the fantasy of mowing down a bunch of undead supporters of universal background checks. Outrageously, and, we might add, headscratchingly, the advertisement that promotes the product features the bleeding target (they're always bleeding) superimposed on a background of actual gun safety lobbyists, and in that crowd is Colin Goddard, the Virgina Tech shooting survivor, who still has three bullets in his body from that mass murder. A fourth was removed.

On Twitter, Goddard requested that the company stop using his image to promote their offensive product, and even managed some humor in doing so. 

"Would you remove pic with me off your ad 4 "Gun Control Lobbyist shooting target pls? Already been shot . . . "

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It remains to be seen if Zombie Industries will comply. The company still markets mannequin that resembles President Obama, though they did make the ex-girlfriend target a little more zombie-like, and less human, after an outcry from women's groups.

h/t Think Progress