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'You Guys Make Up This BS!': CNN's Chris Cuomo Ridicules Trump Supporter Steve Cortes' Bogus Statistics About the Border Wall

"It's nonsense. It's hyperbole."

Photo Credit: CNN

When Steve Cortes, a defender of President Donald Trump, made the wild claim Wednesday night on CNN that a wall could cut 95 percent of the problems on the U.S.-Mexico border, host Chris Cuomo pressed him on that spurious assertion to show just how absurd it was.

"95 percent?" Cuomo asked. "You don't know at all what percentage difference a border wall would make on who comes across and what kind of problems we would have. You don't have any basis for that number that you said."

"Yes, I believe that," Cortes said. "It's not as if I pulled it out of thin air."


"Yeah, you did," Cuomo shot back.

Cuomo went on to argue that most of the drugs, for instance, that come into the country illegally arrive in shipments, not from smugglers sneaking through dessert. And the cartels that do cross the border use tunnels that can easily circumvent border walls.

"You know, you guys make up this B.S.!" Cuomo said. "To make people think that we're a wall away from anyone ever getting in again. This isn't Game of Thrones, Steve. Why talk that nonsense?"

Watch the clip below:


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