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'That Would Absolutely Be Grounds for Removal from Office': Democrat Says Trump's Latest Capitulation to Putin Could Lead to Impeachment

Officials and diplomats were horrified at the idea raised by the Russian president.

Photo Credit: Fox News

As the White House mulls a deal with Russia to allow President Vladimir Putin's agents to question, among other Americans, former Ambassador Michael McFaul, elected officials and diplomats are sounding the alarm about the dangerous precedent even considering the idea sets.

"The idea was Russians would get to question some Americans that they really don't like. Bill Browder's on that list, and, as you just pointed out, Ambassador McFaul," host Erin Burnett said on CNN Wednesday night to Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA). "And they're saying that's on the table — that's what Sarah Sanders said."

Swalwell blasted President Donald Trump's reaction to the offer.

"Republicans in Congress need to stand firm that we absolutely will not tolerate the president even considering turning over a U.S. Ambassador," he said. "I think if he were to do that, that would absolutely be grounds for removal from office."

Burnett noted in response that the State Department has dismissed the idea out of hand. However, Trump is ultimately is in charge of the executive branch, not the State Department.

Watch the clip below:

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