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This Is Why You Should Never Feel a Moment's Sympathy for Trump's White House Staffers

MSNBC's Nicole Wallace reveals why they'll never resign in protest.

Photo Credit: MSNBC

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace echoed Bob Costa of the Washington Post and called the bluff of staffers in the Trump's administration who continue to act like they're considering resigning in protest when they aren't.

"We’re always talking about, ‘When are these people leaving?'” Costa said. “But the people who are there like the power of being in the government, they like the power of being in the White House.

Costa explained that staffers "relish" their jobs, saying, "They may tell their friends that they’re having a tough time, but they stay because they’re in power. Always remember that.”

Wallace jumped in to agree and added a juicy tidbit about how they call the media to keep their names clear while they stay in their jobs.

"[B]ingo, you hit the nail right on the head,” Wallace said. “They do play this game — and the reason they’re so entertaining to cover — is because whenever there is a debacle, they burn up the phone lines saying, ‘Hey, I’m part of the solution. I wasn’t for that. I argued for something totally different.”

When Costa, a veteran political reporter, confirmed that Wallace's observation matched his view, Wallace just starting laughing at the ridiculousness of the staffers' game.

Watch the exchange below.

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