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'This Is White Nationalism': MSNBC Guest Lays Out the Core Truth at the Center of Trump's Worst Policies

"This president and his administration said 'We want to change the demographic future of this country.'"

Photo Credit: MSNBC

While discussing the continuing fallout from President Donald Trump's disastrous zero-tolerance policy at the border on MSNBC's "Deadline: White House," guest Jason Johnson made a point that far too many mainstream commentators avoid saying.

Host Nicolle Wallace noted that there's a "racial throughline" across many of the worst crises of Trump' administration, including Charlottesville, the Muslim ban, the response to Puerto Rico — and now the cruel border policies.

"I've said this all along: This is white nationalism," Johnson said. "It's not about being a bigot, It's not about, 'I don't like you here.'"

He continued: "This president and his administration said, 'We want to change the demographic future of this country. We want to keep brown people out, We want to have the brown people here afraid or terrorized or wanting to go home. We want to limit where people can come from.'"

This treatment stands in stark contrast to the way the administration treats white migrants, he noted.

"Eighty-seven percent of our refugee resettlements from Europe have been done this year. We're six months in," Johnson explained. "It's a 'problem' when you have asylum seekers at the border who traveled 10,000 miles through dangerous -- some of which were caused by our administration — if you look at the coups in Honduras. Some of what these people are fleeing have to do with our policies south of the border but they don't want to take responsibility for that."

Al Sharpton made a similar point based on the reaction to immigration from the north.

"Are we standing at the Canadian border saying, 'If we find any of y'all coming in another way, we're separating you from your children'?" he asked. "No, because they wouldn't tolerate that. and most of Donald Trump's base wouldn't tolerate seeing white children treated like that."

Watch the clip below:

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