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'What the Hell Happened in Helsinki?': Watergate Reporter Says Trump 'Is Bleeding Badly' After Disastrous Putin Summit

"We are watching a horrible spectacle play out in which we don't know exactly whether we can trust the loyalty of the president of the United States."

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Carl Bernstein sounded the alarms Tuesday about President Donald Trump's summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin this week, insisting that the American people must know more about what went on at their meeting.

A reporter famous for his work on the Watergate cases, Bernstein noted that Trump had been hurt politically by his deferential attitude toward Putin at a press conference following the meeting in Helsinki.

"He is bleeding badly in front of all of us," Berstein said on CNN Tuesday of Trump. "And we are watching a horrible spectacle play out in which we don't know exactly whether we can trust the loyalty of the president of the United States. Whether through incoherence or whether through nefarious relationships. We just don't know the answer."

"To use your word, extraordinary," said host Brooke Baldwin. "When I was talking to Dana Bash a little while ago, she said one option for Congress could be — and, again, this would be an extraordinary step, but to subpoena a translator in that meeting if people want to know, want to demand transparency as to what was discussed between Putin and Trump."

"Can you imagine that here we are talking about whether or not the president of the United States can be trusted with a despot?" Bernstein asked. "A tyrannical murderous thug and the president of the United States; we're unsure of perhaps whose side he's on or whether he's ambiguous whose side he's on? Yes, extraordinary. And at the same time, we need to find out to the best of our abilities and the Republicans need to assist in this: what the hell happened in Helsinki! What the hell happened in Helsinki?"

"What the hell happened in Helsinki is right," said Baldwin.

Watch the clip below:

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