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West Wing Melts Down As Trump Staffers Become Paranoid that Spies are Working to Destroy the President: Report

Former CIA Director John Brennan figures in many of the White House's conspiracies.

Photo Credit: Office of the President of the United States

Paranoia has gripped the West Wing as President Donald Trump's aides and staffers fear that the FBI has "multiple informants" working to take down the president, according to a new report from Vanity Fair.

Such conspiracy theories have nothing to do with the actual conspiracies uncovered by the U.S. intelligence community and others of a Russian effort to undermine American democracy. Instead, reporter Gabriel Sherman explains,

The theory goes that the F.B.I. later used these contacts with the Russians to delegitimize his presidency. Trump’s advisers say the intelligence community believed Hillary Clinton would win the presidency, but in case she didn’t, they concocted this elaborate plot to remove Trump from office. ... [Roger] Stone claims the anti-Trump conspiracy includes senior intelligence officials from the Barack Obama administration. “The guy who will end up burning in all this is [former C.I.A. director] John Brennan,” Stone told me.

Stone added of Brennan, "That psychopath is going down.”

This peak inside Trumpworld explains many otherwise perplexing phenomena, including the right-wing media efforts to ignore the substantial justification for and progress made by special counsel Robert Mueller's team. As long as they're convinced that the whole FBI investigation is a plot to take down Trump, any developments from the special counsel's investigation will just look like more confirmation of the conspiracy.

That's why, according to the report, Trump is actually happy with Rudy Giuliani's performance as his lawyer. He was looking for someone who would stoke the resentment and distrust of the Mueller investigation, rather than someone who would execute a well-crafted legal defense strategy.

Of course, the whole conspiracy theory is nonsensical. If there had been some devious FBI scheme to undermine Trump, why wouldn't it have gone public before the election? And why would the bureau announce, just days before the election, that it was reopening the probe into Clinton's emails?

Like all good conspiracy theories, it only survives if you don't examine its underlying premises too carefully.

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