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Watch: Why the Far-Right Scuttled the United Nations Disability Treaty

AlterNet World editor Alex Kane appears on Al Jazeera's Inside Story to explain what the Senate vote on the disabilities treaty says about US politics and the Republican Party.

Early this week, elected officials in the Senate backing a United Nations treaty on disability rights that is modeled after U.S. law failed to garner the two-thirds majority needed to ratify an international treaty. The measure was brought down because of Republican senators' insistence that the treaty would undermine American sovereignty and that it would take away parents' right to home-school disabled children--objections with no basis in reality.

AlterNet World editor Alex Kane appeared as a guest on Al Jazeera's Inside Story to delve deeper into the right-wing opposition to the treaty

"There is a lot of conspiracy thinking on the right about the United Nations--this notion that the UN is bent on taking over the world and taking over the American government," said Kane. 

Watch the clip here: