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WATCH: White House Chief of Staff John Kelly Can't Hide His Disgust During Trump's Charlottesville Remarks

Kelly was visibly uncomfortable as the president defended white supremacists.

Photo Credit: NBC

As President Trump defended white supremacists and tried to blame the fictional "alt-left" for the terrorism in Charlottesville, he was flanked by economic adviser Gary Cohen and Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin, both of whom are Jewish.

Missing was White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, who was listening to Trump's remarks nearby. And if the footage obtained by NBC is any indication, he was disgusted with what he heard.

Kelly stands with his arms folded and stares directly at the floor. Sources confirmed to CNN that Kelly is not happy with the white supremacist-courting president.

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MSNBC described White House staff as shocked after Trump went "rogue" during the press conference.

Watch a clip of Kelly's excruciating discomfort below:

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