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Watch Trump Hilariously Try to Catch Unimpressed Melania's Evasive Hand with His Pinky

Witness the latest of the first lady's shade towards the president.

Photo Credit: Alert News (via YouTube)

President Donald Trump tried to hold wife Melania Trump’s hand during a White House ceremony with French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday — but the first lady appeared to want no part of it.

In a video of the ceremony, Trump can be seen reaching out his fingers toward Melania’s hand, which she keeps at her side while being completely unresponsive to him.

After this fails, the president grabs her hand more firmly, and Melania finally acquiesces to his overtures to hold his hand. He then appears to turn to her and say, “Thank you.”

This is not the first time Trump has had difficulty getting his wife to hold his hand. Last May, a video emerged of Melania Trump slapping her husband’s hand away while the two of them walked side-by-side in Israel — and then one day later, Melania was seen moving her hand away from the president when he tried to hold it as the two were debarking from an airplane.

Watch the video below.

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Brad Reed is a news writer at Raw Story.