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Watch: Seth Meyers Calls Trump an 'A**hole' Over NFL Ranting

He borrowed the colorful descriptor from a tweet.

Photo Credit: NBC

Seth Meyers isn't holding much back these days on his NBC show.

The Late Night host said Trump gave us "one more sh*t thing to deal with" amid actual global crises by picking a fight with the NFL over peaceful protests from players. Meyers ended the segment by quoting a tweet calling President Donald Trump an "a**hole." 

Trump said during a rally that players who kneel for racial equality during the national anthem are "sons of bitches," to which Meyers responded that it's "embarrassing" when "news anchors now have to introduce comments from the president by warning little children to leave the room."


The host also described Trump's rambling about how the NFL is getting lower ratings because people are too focused on his White House to watch as an "unhinged rant."

Watch the full segment below.

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