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WATCH: Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah Imagine Hilarious End to Ben Carson's Campaign

"He's so chill he might forget to tell us he dropped out of the race, or...."

Photo Credit: via YouTube

Daily Show host Trevor Noah is experiencing his first American presidential campaign, and he's relieved that it isn't as hard to understand as he had feared. He told Seth Meyers Monday night that he was worried he'd have to learn new concepts like "caucuses" and other advanced vocab words, but the candidates have been nice enough to dumb it all down for him. "It's just things like, 'Muslims go home,'" Noah said. "That I can understand."

His favorite candidate? Ben Carson. Favorite for comedy, of course.

“He has so many layers to him,” Noah said. “Trump is Trump — we get it. But Ben Carson is layered. He’s like a man of mystery. He’s got a dangerous side that maybe didn’t actually happen, which is even more dangerous — and he’s chill, on top of all that.”

While both men figured Carson would soon drop out since his poll numbers have precipitously dropped after a short stint as frontrunner, Meyers thought the retired neurosurgeon might be so sleepy he's forget to announce his withdrawal. Noah suggested that Carson would not actually drop out but everyone would forget he was running.

Meyers had one more idea for the end of the Carson campaign: “There’s going to be a very awkward moment at the inauguration for whoever it is, where you’ll just see in the background someone explaining to Ben Carson, it’s over — it’s not you, they went a different way."  


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