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WATCH: Pro-Trump CNN Commentator Paris Dennard Melts Down on Live Television

The panel's moderator finally had to tell him to "shut up."

Photo Credit: CNN via YouTube

A CNN panel moderated by Brooke Baldwin went completely off the rails as panelist Keith Boykin told Paris Dennard, a black Trump supporter, that he was ashamed of him "as an African American."

“I am well aware of my blackness and don’t need you to classify me as being one,” Dennard said.

Dennard went on to accuse black individuals who disagree with his pro-Trump stance of "racism," although he didn't provide any specific examples. 

He then returned his ire to Boykin. "I will not be attacked by you about my blackness," Dennard yelled, jabbing his finger at the screen after being told to "calm down."

Dennard proceeded to demean Baldwin, commanding her, "Get your guest under control!"

Baldwin was unable to stop Dennard from ranting as he continued to shout about Boykin.

Boykin finally said what we all were thinking: "Paris, shut up! Please! For God's sake! Why do you keep doing this?"

Watch the full exchange below.

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