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WATCH: Jon Stewart Takes Republicans To Task for Their Cruel Attitudes Toward Migrant Children

“An invading force is not generally considered dangerous until it can reach and open its own cereal.”

In last night’s segment “America’s Immigration Crisis: Kids Edition,” Jon Stewart took conservatives to task for their callous attitude toward the thousands of undocumented immigrant children who have been overwhelming federal facilities along the US-Mexico border since late last year. As Stewart points out, many Republican congressmen have been quick to blame President Obama for the crisis, claiming he has proven incapable of “securing” the border. Yet George Bush played a key role in the events unfolding in the borderlands.

After cycling through the complex list of forms, exemptions and tests required to apply for temporary stay in the U.S., Stewart asks, “So if they didn’t sign the forms, can’t we deport these kids? Well first of all, what the fuck is wrong with you? These are children.”

And second of all? In 2008, Bush himself signed a law (originally intended to protect sex trafficking victims) that prevents children from countries not bordering the U.S. from being immediately deported.

Stewart contextualizes the anti-immigrant backlash within America’s long history of xenophobia, pointing to the Chinese Exclusion Act and concerns about the Irish taking American jobs at the turn of the 20th century. As he says, “All our ancestors came here and were originally unwelcome….We have always been a nation of immigrants that hates newer immigrants.” Watch the full segment below. 


Allegra Kirkland is AlterNet's associate managing editor. Her writing has appeared in the Chicago Reader, Salon, Daily Serving and The Nation.

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