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Watch: Former Mueller Aide Demolishes Trump Backer for Pushing Bogus 'Spygate' Claim After IG Report

Unsurprisingly, the new inspector general report immediately spurred a million political talking points.

Photo Credit: Fox News

President Donald Trump's supporters are continuing to dredge up his repeatedly debunked claims about political "spying" and FBI misconduct against the Trump campaign — even against all reason and evidence to the contrary.

On Thursday, conservative commentator Steve Cortes brought up these ridiculous accusations in the wake of the release of a new FBI inspector general's report about the bureau's investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails.

Cortes seized on a section of the new report that focused on texts between FBI agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, in which Strzok reportedly said that "we will stop him" in reference to Trump ahead of the election — an admittedly troubling statement.

But as Josh Campbell, a CNN contributor and former aide to special counsel Robert Mueller, pointed out: "If, as you say, that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page and all the 'corrupt people,' as you say, at the top of the FBI were out to get President Trump, there was widespread leaking, but no one leaked that President Trump's campaign was under investigation! If you wanted to stop him, if you wanted to go after him, that would have been the way to do it. What you would have us believe is that somehow they waited until the president got elected, and then they would go after him. It's a house of cards!"

Cortes also tried to say that Trump the FBI was "spying" on Trump — a favorite of the president's accusations. But CNN host Brooke Baldwin shut him down immediately.

"Steve, Steve. There was no spying! Come on," she said.

Watch the clip below:

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