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Watch: Domino's Manager Hurls N-Word At Black Customer After Throwing His Pizzas on the Ground

The employee also threw his pizzas on the ground.

Domino's Pizza swiftly fired a Florida employee who was caught on video lobbing the n-word at a black customer.

Marlon Robinson had reportedly waited two hours for a pizza when he complained to staff.

“You’re the manager, I’m the customer. Act accordingly,” Robinson says in the video.

An altercation ensued that found a store manager using the n-word and throwing his pizzas on the ground.

“The team at Domino’s is mortified by the behavior of the employee, who has been terminated," Domino's Pizza said in a statement. "Behavior such as that has no place in our brand. We are sincerely sorry that this occurred.”

“I’ve lived in this community over 25 years, and I don’t think that the kids after me who maybe look like me or act like me or talk like me should have to deal with this whenever they go somewhere and not be heard,” Robinson said of the incident.

He has hired an attorney.

Watch the report below.

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