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WATCH: Colbert Reveals Rick Perry's New Metrosexual Look

The Comedy Central host critiques Rick Perry's hip makeover.

On last night's edition of The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert championed the Republican Party's choices for presidential hopefuls, referring to them as a "buffet of enticing options." He then began to equate each politician to a dish you might find at a smorgasbord.  

“You got curly fries [Rand Paul],” you've got beef patty [Chris Christie], you've got mild salsa [Marco Rubio], you've got milder salsa [Ted Cruz]...and of course leftovers [Jeb Bush]. But my personal favorite is Texas governor — and cartoon version of a Texas governor — Rick Perry, who should have been a lock in 2012."

Colbert SuperPac, in fact, supported Perry in the Iowa Straw Poll. Of course, notes Colbert, the PAC urged voters to support "Rick Parry, with an "A."

"But then he blew it," says Colbert. "First, it was found that his hunting camp had a name that my career would not allow me to say on TV," referring to a racist epithet that greeted the camp's visitors. 

Colbert went on to mention that "what really sank Rick Perry was a debate gaffe that no one can forget, except him," said Colbert before cutting to Perry's infamous "brain dump" where he claimed he'd eliminate three government agencies if president, but couldn't name them. 

But Perry has reinvented himself, notes Colbert, and he's now wearing loafers instead of cowboy boots and hip glasses, which may make him more palatable to voters in 2016. Still Perry's choice of eyewear has prompted Texas's Land Commissioner to sniff that the governor "could now pass for a West Coast metrosexual."

Colbert responded to this criticism with "Me-yow! I don’t know what a metrosexual is, but I’m guessing they don’t say ‘Me-yow.’”

Watch the hilarious segment below:


Cliff Weathers is a former senior editor at AlterNet and served as a deputy editor at Consumer Reports. Twitter @cliffweathers.


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