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Wall Street Journal Openly Calls on Trump to Ax Steve Bannon

Editorial board accuses strategist of coordinating a series of attacks on H.R. McMaster.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr

The right-wing Wall Street Journal editorial board on Wednesday called out top White House political strategist Steve Bannon for allegedly coordinating a series of attacks on National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster.

In particular, the editorial accused Bannon of pushing out a series of stories to his former publication, Breitbart News, that accused McMaster of being “insufficiently pro-Israel and not hostile enough to Islamic State.”

The editorial then said that new Chief of Staff John Kelly, whom it credited for bringing some measure of discipline to the White House, should consider ousting Bannon from his role.

The editorial acknowledged that a spurned Bannon could make life miserable for the administration by relentlessly attacking it through Breitbart, but it concluded that the damage he was doing to the White House from within was far more significant.

“The former Breitbart publisher has been a White House survivor, but his warring habits have also been responsible for much of the White House dysfunction,” the editors wrote. “Mr. Trump may worry about the damage Mr. Bannon and his allies could do to his Administration if he is no longer part of the White House team. But if his minions continue to vilify his colleagues inside the White House, how can anyone tell the difference?”


Brad Reed is a writer living in Boston. His work has previously appeared in the American Prospect Online, and he blogs frequently at Sadly, No!.
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