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Virginia Farmers Issue Perfect Response to Racists Hooting Over 'Resist White Supremacy' Sign

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Photo Credit: Screenshot / Facebook

The owners of a family farm in northern Virginia publicly announced their opposition to white supremacy — and then responded on Facebook to the racist backlash.

Cox Farms posted “resist white supremacy” on the sign in front of their Centreville destination, where they hold seasonal and holiday festivals, reported WJLA-TV.

“We sincerely believe that fighting injustice and white supremacy is a responsibility that can — and should — unite us all,” Cox Farms said in a Facebook post. “We struggle to see how anyone other than self-identified white supremacists would take this as a personal attack.”

Some social media users did take offense to the farm’s sign and Facebook post, and the family painstakingly responded to critics who complained about seeing a Black Lives Matter sign there in the past but no Blue Lives Matter message.

“You’re right, Shannon — we do not support ‘Blue Lives Matter,'” Cox Farms replied. “Like Misty explained, police lives are already and by default valued in our society. Black lives are not, so we believe that a declaration that Black Lives Matter is necessary and important.”

Another social media claimed the sign was divisive and forced “black supremacy” viewports on passersby — which the family explained was illogical.

“Lisa, when we talk about white supremacy, we’re referring to a systemic racism that is much deeper and more pervasive than any individual or group could be,” Cox Farms said. “Black people do not have the institutional power in our society to benefit from so-called ‘black supremacy.’ It just doesn’t work like that.”

Not all Facebook users reacted negatively to the family’s message.

“If you see a sign that says ‘resist white supremacy’ and you first instinct is ‘well, I’m never shopping THERE again!’, guess what? You’re part of the reason signs like that need to exist. You ARE the problem,” said Facebook user Bryan Proctor Jr.

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Travis Gettys is an editor for Raw Story.